Giant Dachshunds Easter Walk & Bone Hunt – 27th April

The knitting Dachshunds have been very busy planning a GIANT Easter walk for all their Dachshund friends (all small dogs are welcome of course)….Painshill

To be held at the beautiful Painshill Park in Surrey on 27th April from 11am – 2pm

Not only will there be a wonderful walk, lots of prizes and goodies, but we’re rasing money for a local rescue who does great work to rescue animals.

Last Chance Animal Rescue

Last Chance Animal Rescue

JOIN US and you won’t be sorry! Find out more about the day on The Dachshunds Anonymous Facebook Group…..

If you’d like to come then you will need to make a donation on our fundraising page Last Chance Animal Rescue to take advantage of the special £3 entry on the door and a free goodie bag to the first 50 people.

Every penny counts! You can download the Last Chance Animal Rescue Charity Walk Flier

See you there…. *woof*


The Dachshunds are trying to grow a mo for November….

Unfortunately Wilhlem Dachshund is out of luck, he has soft velvet fur on his chinny chin chin. Wolfgang however is sporting a magnificent beard and they are the poster boys this week on the Dachshunds Anonymous Facebook group.

Dachshunds Anonymous on Facebook

Wonderful weekends


We’ve just returned home from a wonderful weekend at the beach house with our Dachshund friends…. we liked running on the beach and we’re very tired!

Happy Birthday Wolfgang

It’s Wolfgang’s birthday today. He is 2.

He’s enjoying the summer and has been practising poking things with a crochet hook – ready to make warm sweaters for chilly dogs in the winter time.

Wolfgang on holiday at the seaside in Devon

Summer pool parties

We love splashing in the pool with our friends!

Pool parties in the sun

Campervan adventure

The knitting Dachshunds have been on holiday.

The Dachshunds visit Durdle Door, with Daddy…. in Dorset

Walking the coast path

The Dachshunds fly a kite

Summer fun

Play with me!

Sunshine on a rainy day…. makes my soul, makes my soul

Fed up with today’s monsoon, Wolfgang locked himself in his ‘studio’…….

He’s just emerged with this design concept and wants to test it on Wilhelm, using an old treadmill and halogen lamp.

Perpetual sunshine machine

Perpetual sunshine machine – for Dachshunds who don’t like rain

The Dachshund seaside holiday

We went to the seaside with all our friends and stayed in a lovely house near the sea….We played, we ran, we barked, we ate nice food and we played some more. The seaside is our best thing!

Brighton Dachshunds Sausage Walk

The Dachshunds had a fabulous walk last Sunday in aid of Sport Relief. It was a beautiful spring day for a walk in some pretty woods near Horsham. Between them all they have raised £330. Not bad for a Sunday waddle!

Thanks to Catherine Gillo for some super pictures.

Dachshund Art

Wolfgang saw an elephant paint a picture of a flower, on the BBC news yesterday……. he snorted dismissively “that’s not even a real trunk, it’s a glove puppet” and scampered off to his workshop to create his own ‘art’…… or rather a ‘notice’ (which is now pinned clearly to the large oak tree in the driveway…..

UN of Dachshunds

Bennet Miller is searching for 60 Dachshunds to join him in Birmingham for his UN of Dachshunds – 60 dachshunds from across the West Midlands are needed  to participate in a piece of live art.

‘Dachshund U.N.’ is to be performed in a central location in Birmingham on Saturday 31 March. It is a fun (and often chaotic!) piece, and will be a great meeting of Dachshunds in the city, and dog and art-lovers alike.

The knitting Dachshunds would love to join in – Wolfgang can be France and  run away….. which would kinda spoil things.

You can join the fun by sending an email to

Here’s a great video of the performance in Melbourne in 2010

It’s snowing! How about a cute neck warmer?

It’s snowing!! How about a hand knitted scarf  to keep you warm?

This one even has diamante studs….

Hand knitted dog scarf

Available in any colour or size!

We’ve been busy

Two lovely warm sweaters have been finished this week and another is well underway….. we’ve finished a beautiful green sweater in a medium size but our favourite is the natural brown sweater made from Sirdar’s Eco yarn…. it’s beautiful and soft…. our poor paws need a rub!

Knitted By Dachshunds Green Sweater Eco Sweater - Knitted by Dachshunds

Snug as a bug in a rug…

Winter greys for chilly days…… the forecast is looking very chilly this weekend, brrrrr this tiny sweater will keep someone warm.

Small grey sweater - knitted by dachshunds

Happy New Year

2012 began with seaside holiday on the Isle of Wight. We didn’t like the ferry but we loved the hotel, they left biscuits out for us and we got a sausage each for breakfast….


Mission accomplished

Mmmmmm we’ve just eaten all the cat’s food. Delicious marinated chicken chunks in jelly.

Superhound Supermodel

Wolfgang is sashaying around, wiggling his bott and swishing his tail right under Wilhlem’s nose….. whilst singing “I’m so pretty, oh so pretty, oh so pretty and happy and gay” because he has been chosen as the cover model for the 2012 Brighton Dachs calendar….to which Wilhelm replies “at least one of those things is a LIE”……..

Wolfgang And Brighton Dachshunds Calendar

Check ME out!

Wilhelm calendar

OK, so how long till October?


And now we hide…..

The Dachshunds are hiding… they know they have to knit for Alice Dachshund this afternoon. They are hiding in their new snuggly dach sacks from Dachshunds in London

We hide - Knitted by Dachshunds

Dachshund deliveries!

The Dachshunds have been out in the cold this morning to deliver lovely warm sweaters to little Sarah Dachshund and Clive Dachshund.
Multicolour sweaters - Knitted by Dachshunds

They liked visiting their friends but were slightly puzzled by a cozy fur throw on the sofa that barked and moved. They also want a big tree that’s covered in dog chews and toys just like they have!


We have control

The Dachshunds ate a computer cable in a fit of rage. Furious at being left alone whilst humans go to watch stand-up comedy without them, they angrily bit right through the computer power cable…… laughing as they escape death yet cause a fuse to short. They also ate through the telephone line, simultaneously cutting off the mobile phone booster box – leaving the humans without any communication tools.

Naughty knitted by Dachshunds

Hilarious. Now get back to work, there are 3 cold Dachshunds waiting for sweaters!!

Girly pink sweaters

The Dachshunds have just finished a delightful pretty girl pink sweater. They have simply refused to model it for the website, so here it is, on plain white card instead.
Pink Sweater - Knitted by Dachshunds

Our labels have arrived

 Knitted by Dachshunds The Dachshunds are beside themselves with joy as their lovely labels arrived today.

Or maybe their excitement was due to the Postman being on the doorstep for 10 minutes faffing aorund and  forcibly shoving the parcel through the letterbox till it ripped apart?

Our lovely cards have arrived!

Huge excitement  at the Knitted by Dachshunds workshop today ……. our lovely business cards have arrived from Moo.
Knitted by Dachshunds business cards

Beautiful buttons

The Dachshunds went to Surrey Foam on Saturday, a great little craft shop that sells very little foam but quite a lot of everything else. Zips, yarn, thread, fabric, buckles, buttons you name it,…. they have it.

It’s also probably the most chaotic little shop you have ever seen! Empty boxes scattered around, muddled up shelves, products in the wrong place or dropped all over the floor, sheer chaos…. but a sort of nice, comfortable and homely chaos.

Wolfgang Dachshund loved the disorder, it made him very excited, he was dashing about with ribbons and paper trailing behind him…. Wilhelm sniffed a little, put his nose in the air and declared “this place upsets my freshly pressed sense of calm” as he serenely paid for his buttons and continued with his day.

Here are some of their lovely new buttons…

Buttons - Knitted by Dachshunds

Buttons - Knitted by Dachshunds

Our favourite colour this season

Dackel designers bring you their favourite colours this season!

Cozy crochet sweater in delicious multi colours - knnitted by Dachshunds

Milbemax is NOT a cold-cure!

Knitting by Dachshunds has been struck by a virus, the Dachshunds are most insistent that Milbemax is taken as a cure, all wrapped up in a piece of cheese to disguise the taste! hhmmm I see a large slice of karma (no not korma Wolfgang!) is served too!

Ant Music

Last night the Dachshunds went to see Adam Ant. It was all very piratey and they loved all the “oi oi aye” and “Ahhhh haaaaa” shoutyness of the songs…. mostly because it sounded a bit like barking. They liked the Admiral Nelson hats too.
Adam Ant loves knitting by Dachshunds

Anyway, this morning instead of finishing the lovely size 10 multi colour sweater like he should, Wolfgang is jumping out from behind doors pointing a crochet hook at everyone, shouting “stand and deliver, your money or your WIFE“.

Astrid the IT Director is getting a bit cross with it now.

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